Compression Guide

Support Level

Shapewear or body shapers for women are undergarments designed to slim and smooth the body's contours. These garments are typically made from stretchy and compressive materials that help create a more streamlined silhouette by redistributing or compressing certain body areas. Different compression levels are available in shapewear to cater to varying degrees of support and comfort. Here are the general compression levels commonly found in shapewear:
  • [LIGHT SUPPORT LEVEL COLLECTION] Shapewear with light compression offers minimal shaping and smoothing. It's designed to provide a gentle and comfortable level of support without significantly altering the body's contours. Light compression shapewear is suitable for everyday wear and can help minimize slight imperfections without feeling restrictive.
  • [MEDIUM SUPPORT LEVEL COLLECTION] Shapewear with medium compression offers moderate shaping and smoothing. It provides more noticeable support than light compression shapewear and can help create a smoother appearance under clothing. Medium compression shapewear is often used for special occasions when you want to enhance your silhouette without sacrificing comfort.
  • [FIRM SUPPORT LEVEL COLLECTION] Shapewear with firm compression offers a higher level of shaping and contouring. It provides more intense support and can help define curves, flatten the abdomen, and lift the buttocks. Firm compression shapewear is often chosen for more formal events or when you want a more dramatic transformation.

When choosing shapewear with a specific compression level, consider the following factors:

  • Comfort: Higher compression levels can provide dramatic results, but they might also be less comfortable for extended periods. It's essential to balance achieving your desired look and feeling at ease while wearing the shapewear.
  • Occasion: The occasion for which you're wearing the shapewear matters. You might opt for light to medium compression for a subtle smoothing effect for daily wear. You might consider firm or extra firm compression for a more noticeable transformation for special events.
  • Body Type and Concerns: Different body types and areas of concern might require different compression levels. Choose shapewear that targets the specific areas you want to shape or smooth.
  • Material and Breathability: The material of the shapewear can affect how breathable and comfortable it is to wear. Look for shapewear with moisture-wicking properties and breathable fabrics to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Remember that shapewear is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and body confidence. It's designed to enhance your natural contours, not to replace them entirely. It's essential to choose shapewear that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and at ease. Always opt for the size that fits you properly to avoid discomfort or unwanted side effects.